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What Qualifies an Object as an Antique?

People may say an item is “vintage” or “antique” — but sometimes the word is used quite broadly. Our packing and shipping specialists in Boston want to help you understand what qualifies something as antique so you can have a better understanding of what your items are worth.

What are antique items?

The general rule of thumb is that antiques are any item that is 100 years or older. Anything younger than the 100 year mark is referred to as “vintage” by antique dealers and other industry experts. Back in 1930, the US government went so far as to write down the definition of an antique in law form — stating that anything made before 1830 was antique. These include artwork, bronze, marble, pottery, porcelain, crystal and furniture.

For auction houses, it’s important to correctly study and identify which items are antique and which are vintage. Antique items should have 50% or more of the original character of the item still in tact; if the number is less than 50% due to repairs or restorations, then it will be subject to tax and not be considered an antique in the government’s eye.

Exceptions to rules

Although there are these set guidelines, not all antique dealers and auction houses will adhere to the 100-year-old rule. Some may consider antiques to be 80-100 years old, while others still abide by the 1830 rule. Apart from antique items, objects can also be classified under the terms collectibles and vintage — though the age range of these phrases may also vary.

Overall anyone looking to sell an antique, vintage, or collectible item should get it appraised first. Any documentation you may have related to the item such as a receipt, an original branding mark or written letter from the maker or manufacturer can help auction homes, appraisers and antique dealers better determine the age and condition of the item in question.

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How To Pack Framed Artwork Like A Pro

Packing may seem easy, but when done incorrectly it can have disastrous consequences, especially when expensive items are involved. Our professional packing and shipping company in Boston and Beverly MA has packed hundreds of high-value items, and one of the most common items we pack is framed artwork.

Artwork is tricky to pack because of its awkward size; oftentimes there is no standard sized box to place the piece in, and if the artwork is framed then this adds yet another level of complexity. We always recommend contacting a professional when you need to pack expensive artwork or other antiques and high-value items. However, if you insist on packing these items on your own, below is a breakdown of the packing process.

How to Pack Framed Artwork

  1. Lay the painting on a flat surface and create an X across the front of the painting (if there is glass covering the front) in order to prevent the glass cover from shifting in transit.
  2. Measure the length and height of the artwork and cut out a piece of cardboard paper so that it fits within the entire painting. Mat board or foam will also work.
  3. Next, wrap the entire painting in bubble wrap. We recommend wrapping the painting both vertically and horizontally and securing it with masking tape.
  4. Find a box that will fit the length, width and height of the painting so that there is only 1 inch of space between the frame and the box. If you can’t find a box that fit’s these dimensions, you may need to contact a professional packing company to get one custom built.
  5. If you plan on placing multiple paintings within the same box, use a layer of bubble wrap between the two to reduce shifting.
  6. Fill in any extra space with newspaper, rags, additional bubble wrap or packing peanuts to ensure that the items are snug and won’t move during transit.
  7. Finally, secure both the top and the bottom of the box with masking tape so that neither end “bottoms out” when the box is lifted and don’t forget to label the box as “fragile” so that any handlers are aware of the contents.

When to Contact a Professional Packing Company

Packing up one framed piece of artwork may be no big deal, but if you need to pack multiple or dozens of framed pieces, then it’s time to call in the professionals. EXPS Inc understands that your artwork is invaluable, so we’ll make sure it’s packed to perfection and industry standards so that it makes it to its new destination in the same condition it was when initially packed. We also recommend that you contact professional packers if you need to ship high-value art long-distances or overseas as these types of trips often require extra precautions and more packing materials.

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Super Bowl Ring Replica is Up for Auction

After yesterday’s nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, hands-over-the-eyes game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots managed to secure a 9th AFC Championship title and are headed to Minneapolis MN in a couple weeks for Super Bowl LII on February 4th.

Tom Brady led the team to a  54th come-from-behind win where the team was trailing 20-10 in the fourth quarter. It’s comebacks like these, the man’s perseverance and grace, as well as great team spirit, that make him one of the best players in the sport. But it’s also his generosity and family values that make him a great person off the field.

Family Keepsake Headed for Auction

Next week, a Super Bowl LI championship ring replica is going up for auction. What’s so special about this ring is that it was commissioned by Tom Brady himself for a family member after last year’s Super Bowl win (another come-from-behind). This rare ring is nearly identical to the original that Brady owns and is comprised of 260 diamonds and valued at $30,000, according to News 7 Boston. Brady is very family oriented and has relatives that reside in Minnesota, making the trip to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII particularly meaningful.

The bidding begins on Monday and ends February 17th. Along with the replica ring, an autographed replica of the Lombardi Trophy, as well as a game-worn jersey from 2006, will be up for auction.

Auction Item Packing & Shipping

Rare items such as these sports memorabilia should be properly packed and shipped to the winning bidder in order to ensure they arrive at the intended destination in excellent condition. Extreme Packing Solutions, a Boston-based antique and valuables packing and shipping company, stresses the importance of choosing a company that allows customers to track their shipment across town, state or country. EXPS Inc. specializes in auction item packing and shipping for sports memorabilia, collectibles, antiques and other high value items.

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How to Ensure Safe Shipment of Your Electronics

Shipping technology or electronics raises a number of fears and concerns. For one, your product could be received damaged, with essential parts having broken off or dented during the movement process. Or a small, pivotal piece of equipment could become lost because it was not secured properly. Wiring could also become aggressively tangled, or caught up and wrapped around a dangerous location.

Whether it be an item as small as an iPhone with a few parts, or a product as large as an fMRI scanner with many, your technology needs to be secured safely prior to shipment to ensure it reaches the recipient in a thorough manner. As a distributor there is no reason this responsibility should fall directly on your shoulders, when you have so many other aspects of business to attend to. This is why the team at Extreme Packing Solutions (EXPS) exists.

Properly Packing & Shipping Electronics

EXPS provides an extensive checklist to ensure your product is shipped in a reliable manner. A few points on their technology shipping list are:

  1. Secure the batteries and any other possibly extremely flammable parts with an insulating material, to prevent from heat exposure. You can also pack these items in their full packaging to ensure safety from a heat or fire.
  2. Separate any cords or wiring, organize them, and tie them up tightly. This creates and maintains space, while also keeping the wires from tangling up or wrapping around any materials they shouldn’t wrap around. It also lets the receiver know the functions of each wire, to avoid any confusion upon assembly.
  3. Use the proper packing materials when there is extraneous space. You don’t want your technology bumping around and becoming damaged because of loose space – make sure to use Styrofoam peanuts or air pillows to ensure items aren’t moving around freely.

No matter the technological product you have, EXPS exists to help you with safely shipping it out. They specialize in commercial technology, medical technology, high tech equipment, and electronics/computers, so they’re the perfect team to handle your equipment. Feel free to call them at 978-232-9190 for a free estimate on how they can work with you to get your product out.

Industries That Benefit Most from Warehousing

Are you a small but expanding business? Many small to medium-sized businesses in the greater Boston area are limited to the amount of shop space they have. Extreme Packing Solutions is here to create more space in your store by providing warehousing.

Warehousing provides a variety of benefits to Boston area businesses, including:

  • A central location for all your overstock products and inventory
  • Improves operation value for your business due to improved shipping and handling efficiency of products
  • Increases product capacity because you are no longer limited to just your storefront
  • Improves business organization because you can keep better tabs on the number of products you have in stock

Having an off-site warehouse that’s managed by a third party such as Extreme Packing Solutions allows for business owners to focus on other aspects of the company, such as hiring qualified employees, improving shop displays and searching for next season’s latest products.

Keep in mind that not all businesses may benefit from warehousing and distribution services. However, if you are in the following industries, we highly recommend warehousing as a business solution:

  1. Retail. Clothing is a necessity and in the Boston area there are plenty of small boutiques and clothing storefronts that need more space for overstock items. Whether you’re expecting a shipment of next season’s looks or have compiled a large number of last season’s products, we’ve got space in our warehouse for it!
  2. Furniture. Small to medium-sized furniture stores in the greater Boston area should always make sure they have another location where they can receive and ship products from. Items such as dining room tables, beds and couches take up a lot of space. Opt for warehousing so you can free up shop space for customers instead.
  3. Medical. Boston and Cambridge are especially known for their presence in the medical industry due to the high number of hospitals within the city limits. As a result, many medical facilities and hospitals will order medical supplies in bulk but may not have enough room at their location for all of the products. If this is the case, warehousing is a great option.
  4. Technology. Companies in the technology sector — particularly hardware such as computers, servers, etc. — are hard-pressed to find enough space to store all of their equipment. Extreme Packing Solutions is here to help businesses in the computer and technology industries inventory and distribute products on a timely basis.

Are you a small to medium-sized business looking to improve your bottom line and keep your company’s inventory organized? Contact Extreme Packing Solutions today for warehousing services in Boston.

How to Prepare Your Antiques for Packing & Shipping

Antiques are a great addition to any home, but shipping them can cause worry and issues if you don’t choose the correct shipping company. At EXPS Inc, we’re here to help both private homeowners as well as antique dealers and museums with packing and shipping their artwork and antiques — no matter what size.

Proper Packing for Antiques and Artwork

Before the shipping process can even begin, it’s important to properly prepare your high value items for the journey across town or country. Our professional packing and custom crating company recommends the following procedure:

  1. Clean your items. Whether it’s statues, china, or furniture, you should always dust and clean your antiques before packing it away. If your shipment is headed overseas, this is especially important as some countries have taken precautions to make sure no invasive species come into the country via wooden crates.
  2. Wrap with paper first. Never use bubble wrap against the surface of wooden antiques or artwork as these bubbles can leave noticeable impressions on the wood. Depending on the temperature, the bubble wrap can even ruin the finish of your antique. It’s always important to first wrap your items with paper, then add a protective layer of bubble wrap.
  3. Pick the right box. Boxes too large mean that you end up spending extra on filling material such as peanuts or bubble wrap. Your item also has more room to shift around in transit. It’s important to head to a packing store or post office if you aren’t sure what size or type of box you need for a particular item. At EXPS Inc, we can customize package size depending on your item.
  4. Use protective tape. Using protective painter’s tape (or any type of paint that won’t leave residue) to cover the glass over your paintings is always a good idea. This tape will protect the glass from cracking or chipping, which may result in damage to the underlying painting.
  5. When advised, choose the custom crate. If you’ve contacted a professional packing and shipping company and they recommend using a custom crate, always go with this option. Items that are usually crated include large antique furniture items, large statues of metal, marble or wood, as well as large quantities of paintings that are intended for the same destination.

Not sure how to properly pack your antiques or artwork? EXPS Inc can help! Get a quick estimate online and we’ll reach out to you and let you know what we recommend.

Holiday Gift Shipping and Last Mile Delivery in Boston

The holiday season is officially upon us and Extreme Packing Solutions is here to make sure that people living in Boston and surrounding areas get their gifts shipped on time and in tact. EXPS Inc is a Boston-based shipping and delivery company here to help both commercial clients and private parties with their packing and shipping needs.

Professional Gift Packing

For those who have purchased fragile or large holiday gifts that are heading long-distance or overseas, EXPS Inc is here to help provide packing and custom crating services. Our packaging crew will measure and weigh your item and choose the best-sized box or crate for your item/s to reduce shifting. Using materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts and foam, your item/s will be save and sound within their custom wooden crate or shipping box. The only thing you’ll need to do is wrap your gift in holiday wrapping paper and we will take care of the rest!

Holiday Gift Shipping

We work closely with large international freight and shipping companies to ensure that your package gets across the country or across the globe in time. For local or regional shipments, EXPS Inc will personally deliver your gift to it’s intended recipient using our courier trucks. We’re known throughout the Boston area for our professional Last Mile Delivery services. Last Mile Delivery is available to our customers when large shipping and freight companies are unable to deliver a package to your front door. It’s best to choose a local shipping company who knows the area and can safely deliver your package to your door — we can even unpack and install your gift if necessary.

Contact our shipping and packing company today to get a free estimate for shipping and packing your holiday gifts!

Why Custom Packing For Medical Equipment is Necessary

The healthcare industry is booming, and in order to make sure you’re meeting the demands of your patients and meeting your bottom line goal, everything needs to be organized and on schedule. One thing that must always be on time and in good condition is your medical and lab equipment deliveries. At Extreme Packing Solutions, we’re here to help with the packaging and delivery process of all your medical and lab equipment.

Custom Packing & Shipping Your Equipment

Your medical and lab equipment is expensive and important, so it’s equally as important to make sure you find the right packaging company for the job. Our packing and shipping company recommends custom packaging or (in some instances) custom crating to ensure that your items make it safely to their destination.

There are many benefits to custom package your medical devices and lab equipment, including the peace of mind that they will be transported safely and securely. When it comes to shipping your equipment, EXPS can deliver items anywhere — including trade shows, customer demos, medical offices and sales demos. Our custom constructed boxes can fit any sized item of any weight, which means x-ray machines to medical utensils get their own custom packing job.

Last Mile Delivery for Medical Equipment

If your shipment is arriving in the greater Boston area via a national shipping company such as FedEx or UPS, our crew will be there to pick it up at a designated drop-off location and transport it ourselves to it’s intended destination. Many times larger shipping companies will not delivery medical and lab equipment on site due to restrictions or logistics issues. That’s where EXPS comes in; we’re here to provide last mile delivery — we will even carry the items in and unpack them in their intended location for you.

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How To Prepare Items for Shipping

Shipping large, heavy, or expensive items is different from shipping your typical cardboard Amazon package. When it comes to shipping a small and lightweight package in a cardboard box, simply surround the item in bubble wrap to keep it secure.

With large, heavy or expensive items, the packing process is much different — and for good reason. At Extreme Packing Solutions we want to ensure that your item makes it safely to it’s intended destination. The goal is to pack the item in such a way that there is no room for error.

The Packing Process

  1. After we take the dimensions and weight of the item you intend to ship, we start by building a custom wooden crate that is large enough to fit the object but small enough to reduce shifting in-transit. The object may also need to be wrapped in cellophane if there is any doubt that some pieces may become dislodged.
  2. Next, we add padding around the item/s in question. For breakable or fragile items such as antiques or china, we ensure at least 2 inches of padding around the entire object. Padding is created using either foam blocks or bubble wrap and secured around the object. For non-breakable items, bubble wrap, foam pillows, rolled foam or other interior padding will be used to fill the empty space the object does not take up after being placed within the wooden crate.
  3. For added security and caution, we may put your padded item in a smaller box before placing it within the larger wooden crate. The space between the smaller box and the wooden crate will then be filled with additional padding.
  4. Finally, we ensure that the wooden crate is air tight and sealed in order to prevent moisture, bugs and other critters from entering and potentially destroying the object. This step is important due to the unpredictability of the transit journey — especially if the item is going overseas or across the country.

When it comes to shipping antiques, medical equipment, industrial equipment, artwork and other large and expensive items, it’s important to choose a packing and shipping company who cares about every item they ship. Contact Extreme Packing Solutions today for a free estimate for your next shipment!

Benefits of Warehousing & Distribution for Local Businesses

Is your greater Boston area business starting to grow and thrive? That’s great news! There are so many positives to having your business finally pick up steam — especially if you’re in the product industry. Unfortunately, not having enough storage space at your business location for all those products isn’t something to be too thrilled about. At Extreme Packing Solutions, we can make sure running out of space isn’t an issue.

Why Choose EXPS for Warehousing

  • Reducing Clutter. As a business, you want to put your best foot forward for your customers. One of the first things customers notice is how organized and open a store is. If you’re company doesn’t have a back room, basement, or attic to store products in, then a local warehouse is the best place to store it so that it’s kept out of site.
  • For Seasonal Products. Are you a retail company who’s constantly ordering products for next season’s collection but don’t have anywhere to put them? We can provide long-term storage for your business so that once you’re old products are out the door, you can bring in the new! Better yet, EXPS Inc. provides last mile delivery right to your storefront.
  • Receiving Products. Not only will we store your products at our spacious warehouse, but also receive them at our multiple loading dock locations. Our warehousing and distribution company is constantly being asked by local businesses whether or not we can receive items — the answer is yes! We can receive items of any size and weight. Just let us know when to expect the shipment and what carrier you’ve chosen.

Warehousing for small to medium-sized businesses in the greater Boston area is hard to come by. At Extreme Packing Solutions, we want to make sure that your business stays organized. We also want to ensure that the products we store make it to your business on time, which is why we provide all our clients with last mile delivery and shipping service. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us today!