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Benefits of Warehousing & Distribution for Local Businesses

Is your greater Boston area business starting to grow and thrive? That’s great news! There are so many positives to having your business finally pick up steam — especially if you’re in the product industry. Unfortunately, not having enough storage space at your business location for all those products isn’t something to be too thrilled about. At Extreme Packing Solutions, we can make sure running out of space isn’t an issue.

Why Choose EXPS for Warehousing

  • Reducing Clutter. As a business, you want to put your best foot forward for your customers. One of the first things customers notice is how organized and open a store is. If you’re company doesn’t have a back room, basement, or attic to store products in, then a local warehouse is the best place to store it so that it’s kept out of site.
  • For Seasonal Products. Are you a retail company who’s constantly ordering products for next season’s collection but don’t have anywhere to put them? We can provide long-term storage for your business so that once you’re old products are out the door, you can bring in the new! Better yet, EXPS Inc. provides last mile delivery right to your storefront.
  • Receiving Products. Not only will we store your products at our spacious warehouse, but also receive them at our multiple loading dock locations. Our warehousing and distribution company is constantly being asked by local businesses whether or not we can receive items — the answer is yes! We can receive items of any size and weight. Just let us know when to expect the shipment and what carrier you’ve chosen.

Warehousing for small to medium-sized businesses in the greater Boston area is hard to come by. At Extreme Packing Solutions, we want to make sure that your business stays organized. We also want to ensure that the products we store make it to your business on time, which is why we provide all our clients with last mile delivery and shipping service. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us today!

What Does ISPM 15 Certified Mean?

fragile item in wooden crate

When it comes to shipping objects internationally, most countries require these items to be packaged in wooden crates. Unfortunately many packing and shipping companies in Boston don’t provide international shipping via wooden crates because they aren’t ISPM 15 certified. Luckily, our packing and shipping company in the greater Boston area is certified, which means you can get your items to where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

What is ISPM 15 Certified?

International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures is a measure put in place to prevent the spread of diseases and insects that often tend to hitch a ride between countries during international shipping. Wooden boxes that are greater than 6mm thick (which is what we use here at Extreme Packing Solutions) need to therefore be heat treated and fumigated with methyl bromide to kill off any lingering viruses or organic matter than could harm foreign ecosystems. This certification is also required for wooden pellets, crates, dunnages and other wooden packaging materials.

Why EXPS, Inc is ISPM 15 Certified

Our Boston area crating, packing and shipping company is ISPM 15 certified because we believe in providing our customers with more flexibility when it comes to shipping options. Your items shouldn’t have to be contained and shipping within a specified cardboard box size. We’re here to make your life easier and provide you with custom wooden crating options for items both large and small, fragile or not. We also value the global environment and want to keep it safe. By using ISPM 15 certified wooden crates, customers such as yourself can rest assured that your items can be safely transported abroad.

If you’re in need of a reliable international shipping and freight forwarding company, contact Extreme Packing Solutions for a free estimate.

How Last Mile Delivery Can Change How Your Company Operates

When it comes to making sure your products and equipment make it safely to your business’ front doorstep, you want to make sure it’s being shipped by the right people. These people should know the area, be familiar with handling your type of product or equipment, and provide excellent customer service. One way to ensure that you get the quality service you deserve is opting for last mile delivery.

What is last mile delivery service?

Last mile delivery — something we provide here at Extreme Packing Solutions — is different from your normal shipping and delivery service. If you’ve requested a shipment through an international carrier to be delivered somewhere in the Greater Boston area, EXPS will meet that carrier either at our storage facility or another designated loading dock in the area. From there, our crew will take over and see to it that your shipment makes it safely to your door and into your commercial space.Packed items in shipping truck

Benefits of last mile delivery

Also known as blanket wrap or pad wrap services, last mile delivery is a game-changing solution for businesses. EXPS will not only hand-deliver your shipment to the front door, but also unwrap and stage the product in it’s proper place inside your commercial space.

For example, a tech lab in the Cambridge area may need computer server racks delivered. Our team will meet the international freight carrier at the designated unloading dock, carefully pack and secure everything onto our trucks, drive them to the lab in Cambridge and carry them to the correct room. From there we will make sure that the items are placed in the correct spot; we will then unwrap all of the items and dispose of the packaging debris!

With last mile delivery, you will no longer need to haul expensive, bulky, and fragile items off your front doorstep or the curb. Instead, you can rest assured that the crew at EXPS will carry everything into your building and place it where it belongs.

Interested in pad wrap and last mile delivery services in the Boston area and beyond? Contact Extreme Packing Solutions today for an estimate.

Businesses That Benefit From Pad Wrap Service

When it comes to companies needing to ship products, not all packing and shipping services are created equal. Sometimes businesses can get away with sending a small package in a cardboard box (think Amazon, Target, or IKEA) but for the majority of businesses you’re going to need something a bit more substantial.

Understanding Pad Wrap Service

Extreme Packing Solutions is here to provide professional pad wrap services for businesses in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Pad wrap — also known as blanket wrap — is exactly that: your item is carefully surrounded and secured in a wad of thick, cushioned blankets in order to prevent both shifting and damage to the items while in transit.

Our pad wrap services are available to businesses large and small in all types of industries, including those in the following:

  • Medical. Medical devices such as x-rays, surgical instruments, medications and other expensive hospital equipment needs to be fully in tact when it arrives at the intended destination. Don’t risk the damage with normal shipping procedures.
  • Electronic & Computer. Transporting large computer server racks, speakers, TV’s and other electronic or computer equipment should not be taken lightly. Pad wraps will ensure that no scratches or dents damage the equipment so it’s working like it should right out of the box.
  • Art & Antiques. You’re probably already familiar with needing to carefully pack and ship high value artwork or antiques. Businesses such as auction houses, furniture stores and museums will be able to rest assured that their items will be snug and secure with blanket wrap services.

At Extreme Packing Solutions, we also provide commercial clients with last mile delivery services. In some instances, national carriers may not be able to ship your item or products all the way to your front door. If this is the case, our pad wrap services come in handy. We’ll simply meet your package at the national carrier’s location, load it onto our truck, and ship it the last leg to your door!

Interested in what Extreme Packing Solutions has to offer in order to make your business a success? Contact us today for pad wrap delivery services.

What Is Considered A High Value Item?

Need to ship some items across town, state, region or country but aren’t quite sure what type of service you need? It’s first important to determine how valuable your items are. High value items should always be treated, packaged and shipped with care, which is why our courier and shipping company in the Boston area highly recommends seeking out a reputable courier service that can handle any type of high value item.

But what exactly is a high value item? Below we’ve included a helpful list of examples.

  • Electronics: Laptops, tablets, smart phones, TVs, stereo systems, desktop computers
  • Sports Equipment: Road bikes, mountain bikes, rowing shells, ski or snowboarding equipment, snowmobiles, sports equipment in bulk such as hockey or football gear.
  • Antiques
  • Collections: Medals, rare books, stamps, coins, sports paraphernalia
  • Jewelry, precious metals or gems, and watches
  • Pictures, painting and artwork
  • China, porcelain or glass
  • Lawnmowers, electric wheelchairs or disability scooters

Anything adding up to over $1,000 in value can also be considered a high value item, such as designer shoes or clothing. For homeowners who are looking to ship their valuables, it’s important to first get your items appraised if you’re unsure of their value as this can help you decide whether you need custom crating and shipping services from Extreme Packing Solutions. Our Boston area courier services specialize in shipping high value items across the New England area and beyond; we’re a fully licensed and insured company who will always treat your belongings with the utmost care and precision.

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