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How To Pack Framed Artwork Like A Pro

Packing may seem easy, but when done incorrectly it can have disastrous consequences, especially when expensive items are involved. Our professional packing and shipping company in Boston and Beverly MA has packed hundreds of high-value items, and one of the most common items we pack is framed artwork.

Artwork is tricky to pack because of its awkward size; oftentimes there is no standard sized box to place the piece in, and if the artwork is framed then this adds yet another level of complexity. We always recommend contacting a professional when you need to pack expensive artwork or other antiques and high-value items. However, if you insist on packing these items on your own, below is a breakdown of the packing process.

How to Pack Framed Artwork

  1. Lay the painting on a flat surface and create an X across the front of the painting (if there is glass covering the front) in order to prevent the glass cover from shifting in transit.
  2. Measure the length and height of the artwork and cut out a piece of cardboard paper so that it fits within the entire painting. Mat board or foam will also work.
  3. Next, wrap the entire painting in bubble wrap. We recommend wrapping the painting both vertically and horizontally and securing it with masking tape.
  4. Find a box that will fit the length, width and height of the painting so that there is only 1 inch of space between the frame and the box. If you can’t find a box that fit’s these dimensions, you may need to contact a professional packing company to get one custom built.
  5. If you plan on placing multiple paintings within the same box, use a layer of bubble wrap between the two to reduce shifting.
  6. Fill in any extra space with newspaper, rags, additional bubble wrap or packing peanuts to ensure that the items are snug and won’t move during transit.
  7. Finally, secure both the top and the bottom of the box with masking tape so that neither end “bottoms out” when the box is lifted and don’t forget to label the box as “fragile” so that any handlers are aware of the contents.

When to Contact a Professional Packing Company

Packing up one framed piece of artwork may be no big deal, but if you need to pack multiple or dozens of framed pieces, then it’s time to call in the professionals. EXPS Inc understands that your artwork is invaluable, so we’ll make sure it’s packed to perfection and industry standards so that it makes it to its new destination in the same condition it was when initially packed. We also recommend that you contact professional packers if you need to ship high-value art long-distances or overseas as these types of trips often require extra precautions and more packing materials.

For an estimate on packing and shipping services for your artwork or antiques, contact Extreme Packing Solutions today!