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Super Bowl Ring Replica is Up for Auction

After yesterday’s nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, hands-over-the-eyes game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots managed to secure a 9th AFC Championship title and are headed to Minneapolis MN in a couple weeks for Super Bowl LII on February 4th.

Tom Brady led the team to a  54th come-from-behind win where the team was trailing 20-10 in the fourth quarter. It’s comebacks like these, the man’s perseverance and grace, as well as great team spirit, that make him one of the best players in the sport. But it’s also his generosity and family values that make him a great person off the field.

Family Keepsake Headed for Auction

Next week, a Super Bowl LI championship ring replica is going up for auction. What’s so special about this ring is that it was commissioned by Tom Brady himself for a family member after last year’s Super Bowl win (another come-from-behind). This rare ring is nearly identical to the original that Brady owns and is comprised of 260 diamonds and valued at $30,000, according to News 7 Boston. Brady is very family oriented and has relatives that reside in Minnesota, making the trip to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII particularly meaningful.

The bidding begins on Monday and ends February 17th. Along with the replica ring, an autographed replica of the Lombardi Trophy, as well as a game-worn jersey from 2006, will be up for auction.

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