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How to Ensure Safe Shipment of Your Electronics

Shipping technology or electronics raises a number of fears and concerns. For one, your product could be received damaged, with essential parts having broken off or dented during the movement process. Or a small, pivotal piece of equipment could become lost because it was not secured properly. Wiring could also become aggressively tangled, or caught up and wrapped around a dangerous location.

Whether it be an item as small as an iPhone with a few parts, or a product as large as an fMRI scanner with many, your technology needs to be secured safely prior to shipment to ensure it reaches the recipient in a thorough manner. As a distributor there is no reason this responsibility should fall directly on your shoulders, when you have so many other aspects of business to attend to. This is why the team at Extreme Packing Solutions (EXPS) exists.

Properly Packing & Shipping Electronics

EXPS provides an extensive checklist to ensure your product is shipped in a reliable manner. A few points on their technology shipping list are:

  1. Secure the batteries and any other possibly extremely flammable parts with an insulating material, to prevent from heat exposure. You can also pack these items in their full packaging to ensure safety from a heat or fire.
  2. Separate any cords or wiring, organize them, and tie them up tightly. This creates and maintains space, while also keeping the wires from tangling up or wrapping around any materials they shouldn’t wrap around. It also lets the receiver know the functions of each wire, to avoid any confusion upon assembly.
  3. Use the proper packing materials when there is extraneous space. You don’t want your technology bumping around and becoming damaged because of loose space – make sure to use Styrofoam peanuts or air pillows to ensure items aren’t moving around freely.

No matter the technological product you have, EXPS exists to help you with safely shipping it out. They specialize in commercial technology, medical technology, high tech equipment, and electronics/computers, so they’re the perfect team to handle your equipment. Feel free to call them at 978-232-9190 for a free estimate on how they can work with you to get your product out.