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Industries That Benefit Most from Warehousing

Are you a small but expanding business? Many small to medium-sized businesses in the greater Boston area are limited to the amount of shop space they have. Extreme Packing Solutions is here to create more space in your store by providing warehousing.

Warehousing provides a variety of benefits to Boston area businesses, including:

  • A central location for all your overstock products and inventory
  • Improves operation value for your business due to improved shipping and handling efficiency of products
  • Increases product capacity because you are no longer limited to just your storefront
  • Improves business organization because you can keep better tabs on the number of products you have in stock

Having an off-site warehouse that’s managed by a third party such as Extreme Packing Solutions allows for business owners to focus on other aspects of the company, such as hiring qualified employees, improving shop displays and searching for next season’s latest products.

Keep in mind that not all businesses may benefit from warehousing and distribution services. However, if you are in the following industries, we highly recommend warehousing as a business solution:

  1. Retail. Clothing is a necessity and in the Boston area there are plenty of small boutiques and clothing storefronts that need more space for overstock items. Whether you’re expecting a shipment of next season’s looks or have compiled a large number of last season’s products, we’ve got space in our warehouse for it!
  2. Furniture. Small to medium-sized furniture stores in the greater Boston area should always make sure they have another location where they can receive and ship products from. Items such as dining room tables, beds and couches take up a lot of space. Opt for warehousing so you can free up shop space for customers instead.
  3. Medical. Boston and Cambridge are especially known for their presence in the medical industry due to the high number of hospitals within the city limits. As a result, many medical facilities and hospitals will order medical supplies in bulk but may not have enough room at their location for all of the products. If this is the case, warehousing is a great option.
  4. Technology. Companies in the technology sector — particularly hardware such as computers, servers, etc. — are hard-pressed to find enough space to store all of their equipment. Extreme Packing Solutions is here to help businesses in the computer and technology industries inventory and distribute products on a timely basis.

Are you a small to medium-sized business looking to improve your bottom line and keep your company’s inventory organized? Contact Extreme Packing Solutions today for warehousing services in Boston.