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Why Custom Packing For Medical Equipment is Necessary

The healthcare industry is booming, and in order to make sure you’re meeting the demands of your patients and meeting your bottom line goal, everything needs to be organized and on schedule. One thing that must always be on time and in good condition is your medical and lab equipment deliveries. At Extreme Packing Solutions, we’re here to help with the packaging and delivery process of all your medical and lab equipment.

Custom Packing & Shipping Your Equipment

Your medical and lab equipment is expensive and important, so it’s equally as important to make sure you find the right packaging company for the job. Our packing and shipping company recommends custom packaging or (in some instances) custom crating to ensure that your items make it safely to their destination.

There are many benefits to custom package your medical devices and lab equipment, including the peace of mind that they will be transported safely and securely. When it comes to shipping your equipment, EXPS can deliver items anywhere — including trade shows, customer demos, medical offices and sales demos. Our custom constructed boxes can fit any sized item of any weight, which means x-ray machines to medical utensils get their own custom packing job.

Last Mile Delivery for Medical Equipment

If your shipment is arriving in the greater Boston area via a national shipping company such as FedEx or UPS, our crew will be there to pick it up at a designated drop-off location and transport it ourselves to it’s intended destination. Many times larger shipping companies will not delivery medical and lab equipment on site due to restrictions or logistics issues. That’s where EXPS comes in; we’re here to provide last mile delivery — we will even carry the items in and unpack them in their intended location for you.

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