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How To Prepare Items for Shipping

Shipping large, heavy, or expensive items is different from shipping your typical cardboard Amazon package. When it comes to shipping a small and lightweight package in a cardboard box, simply surround the item in bubble wrap to keep it secure.

With large, heavy or expensive items, the packing process is much different — and for good reason. At Extreme Packing Solutions we want to ensure that your item makes it safely to it’s intended destination. The goal is to pack the item in such a way that there is no room for error.

The Packing Process

  1. After we take the dimensions and weight of the item you intend to ship, we start by building a custom wooden crate that is large enough to fit the object but small enough to reduce shifting in-transit. The object may also need to be wrapped in cellophane if there is any doubt that some pieces may become dislodged.
  2. Next, we add padding around the item/s in question. For breakable or fragile items such as antiques or china, we ensure at least 2 inches of padding around the entire object. Padding is created using either foam blocks or bubble wrap and secured around the object. For non-breakable items, bubble wrap, foam pillows, rolled foam or other interior padding will be used to fill the empty space the object does not take up after being placed within the wooden crate.
  3. For added security and caution, we may put your padded item in a smaller box before placing it within the larger wooden crate. The space between the smaller box and the wooden crate will then be filled with additional padding.
  4. Finally, we ensure that the wooden crate is air tight and sealed in order to prevent moisture, bugs and other critters from entering and potentially destroying the object. This step is important due to the unpredictability of the transit journey — especially if the item is going overseas or across the country.

When it comes to shipping antiques, medical equipment, industrial equipment, artwork and other large and expensive items, it’s important to choose a packing and shipping company who cares about every item they ship. Contact Extreme Packing Solutions today for a free estimate for your next shipment!