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Benefits of Warehousing & Distribution for Local Businesses

Is your greater Boston area business starting to grow and thrive? That’s great news! There are so many positives to having your business finally pick up steam — especially if you’re in the product industry. Unfortunately, not having enough storage space at your business location for all those products isn’t something to be too thrilled about. At Extreme Packing Solutions, we can make sure running out of space isn’t an issue.

Why Choose EXPS for Warehousing

  • Reducing Clutter. As a business, you want to put your best foot forward for your customers. One of the first things customers notice is how organized and open a store is. If you’re company doesn’t have a back room, basement, or attic to store products in, then a local warehouse is the best place to store it so that it’s kept out of site.
  • For Seasonal Products. Are you a retail company who’s constantly ordering products for next season’s collection but don’t have anywhere to put them? We can provide long-term storage for your business so that once you’re old products are out the door, you can bring in the new! Better yet, EXPS Inc. provides last mile delivery right to your storefront.
  • Receiving Products. Not only will we store your products at our spacious warehouse, but also receive them at our multiple loading dock locations. Our warehousing and distribution company is constantly being asked by local businesses whether or not we can receive items — the answer is yes! We can receive items of any size and weight. Just let us know when to expect the shipment and what carrier you’ve chosen.

Warehousing for small to medium-sized businesses in the greater Boston area is hard to come by. At Extreme Packing Solutions, we want to make sure that your business stays organized. We also want to ensure that the products we store make it to your business on time, which is why we provide all our clients with last mile delivery and shipping service. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us today!