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Businesses That Benefit From Pad Wrap Service

When it comes to companies needing to ship products, not all packing and shipping services are created equal. Sometimes businesses can get away with sending a small package in a cardboard box (think Amazon, Target, or IKEA) but for the majority of businesses you’re going to need something a bit more substantial.

Understanding Pad Wrap Service

Extreme Packing Solutions is here to provide professional pad wrap services for businesses in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Pad wrap — also known as blanket wrap — is exactly that: your item is carefully surrounded and secured in a wad of thick, cushioned blankets in order to prevent both shifting and damage to the items while in transit.

Our pad wrap services are available to businesses large and small in all types of industries, including those in the following:

  • Medical. Medical devices such as x-rays, surgical instruments, medications and other expensive hospital equipment needs to be fully in tact when it arrives at the intended destination. Don’t risk the damage with normal shipping procedures.
  • Electronic & Computer. Transporting large computer server racks, speakers, TV’s and other electronic or computer equipment should not be taken lightly. Pad wraps will ensure that no scratches or dents damage the equipment so it’s working like it should right out of the box.
  • Art & Antiques. You’re probably already familiar with needing to carefully pack and ship high value artwork or antiques. Businesses such as auction houses, furniture stores and museums will be able to rest assured that their items will be snug and secure with blanket wrap services.

At Extreme Packing Solutions, we also provide commercial clients with last mile delivery services. In some instances, national carriers may not be able to ship your item or products all the way to your front door. If this is the case, our pad wrap services come in handy. We’ll simply meet your package at the national carrier’s location, load it onto our truck, and ship it the last leg to your door!

Interested in what Extreme Packing Solutions has to offer in order to make your business a success? Contact us today for pad wrap delivery services.