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What Is Considered A High Value Item?

Need to ship some items across town, state, region or country but aren’t quite sure what type of service you need? It’s first important to determine how valuable your items are. High value items should always be treated, packaged and shipped with care, which is why our courier and shipping company in the Boston area highly recommends seeking out a reputable courier service that can handle any type of high value item.

But what exactly is a high value item? Below we’ve included a helpful list of examples.

  • Electronics: Laptops, tablets, smart phones, TVs, stereo systems, desktop computers
  • Sports Equipment: Road bikes, mountain bikes, rowing shells, ski or snowboarding equipment, snowmobiles, sports equipment in bulk such as hockey or football gear.
  • Antiques
  • Collections: Medals, rare books, stamps, coins, sports paraphernalia
  • Jewelry, precious metals or gems, and watches
  • Pictures, painting and artwork
  • China, porcelain or glass
  • Lawnmowers, electric wheelchairs or disability scooters

Anything adding up to over $1,000 in value can also be considered a high value item, such as designer shoes or clothing. For homeowners who are looking to ship their valuables, it’s important to first get your items appraised if you’re unsure of their value as this can help you decide whether you need custom crating and shipping services from Extreme Packing Solutions. Our Boston area courier services specialize in shipping high value items across the New England area and beyond; we’re a fully licensed and insured company who will always treat your belongings with the utmost care and precision.

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