Crating and Packing

We are Specialists in shipping your valuable Fine Art, Antiques, Electronic Equipment and Much More!

EXPS Inc. offers crating and other packing services to pack all of your items safely and securely for transportation. With EXPS’s custom Crating and Packing software, we make the right wooden crate, box or container needed for your special items. Fine Art, Antiques and Electronic Equipment are our specialty! Our experienced team of professional packers will come to your location to measure and see what is needed to pack your items for safe transportation. All of our crates are built custom so they will fit your items correctly. For your items not needing a wooden crate, our box making software allows us to customize a double or triple wall corrugated container that can protect your items for shipping without the need for wood or the cost of wood. This service is good for lighter items and items only to be shipped to their permanent location.

EXPS Inc. specializes in packing high value items and antiques for estate sales, auction houses and antique dealers. We can help select the correct packing whether being transported with small package handlers or freight carriers. We work with many auction houses and antique dealers packing small, medium and large items to be shipped.

We offer:

  • Wooden boxes
  • Wooden crates
  • Reusable crates
  • Slated crates
  • Custom cardboard containers
  • Custom double and triple wall containers
  • Custom boxes
  • Foam in place packing
  • Custom foam lined boxes
  • Custom pallets
  • Palletizing services
  • Household goods packing
  • Antique and fragile packing services
  • Art and high value packaging

EXPS Inc. offers full insurance coverage for items being packed and shipped by us.